February 13th Report

Van Herring and Bon Chovy were out both days this weekend.   Fishing was pretty solid, with Saturday being a good day for action on legal fish in Vancouver Harbour.   There was a good bite on Saturday morning where each boat had a shot at 3-5 decent fish in a short period.   After the bite died off and the tide switched on Saturday morning, we moved further out in the harbour.  We did get quite a few bites, but they were mostly from smaller fish.    Seals were a bit of problem on Saturday morning, otherwise a few more fish would have hit the dock.  Sunday was a little slower in the inner harbour, but both boats landed a legal fish each and had a shot at a few more fish!   The winter chinook that  Bon Chovy landed yesterday morning was  a real nice 15 pound winter chinook!  So, overall it was a pretty good weekend of fishing, with some nice fish around and great water conditions. We are running our winter chinook special until March 15th.   The price is $409.00 for a 5 hour charter for up to 4 anglers.  Here is a link to more info.   http://www.bonchovy.com/blog/2012/01/winter-chinook-charter-special-40900/ brad-baker
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