February 26th Report, Vancouver Crab And Prawn Fishing

The last week has been a bit challenging as there has been lot's of wind to contend with. It looks like we are back in a more stable weather pattern for the next week or two so hopefully the wind is behind us!! We got out for a longer day on the water today. The sun was out and the snow on the mountains made for an incredible back drop while fishing. We fished a few different spots in Vancouver Harbour and Howe Sound. After coming up blank on our first couple spots we tried, we found some fish at our last spot in the Sound. Ended up having a shot at 3 fish. We landed a nice 14.5 pound chinook salmon, one that was just under, and missed a good bite! All in all a good day with a nice fish in the bucket and a good feed of crabs and prawns! feb-26
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