March 3rd Report

Had a solid day on the water yesterday with quite a few hook ups!   Went 4 for 8 on our bites and were able to land 1 nice legal fish and 3 undersize.  We fished Vancouver Harbour and Howe Sound and found fish in both spots!   The fish was jammed with small 4 inch herring. Today was a much tougher day compared to yesterday.  Van Herring hooked a couple of good fish, landing one real nice fish in the teens.  Bon Chovy hooked one legal fish but unfortunately it fell off.   Looking like it was a bit of an off day today. [caption id="attachment_1338" align="alignnone" width="768" caption="Beauty caught on Van Herring this morning!"]Beauty caught on Van Herring this morning![/caption] wfal
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