May 13th Report

We had a busy weekend with some decent fishing on Saturday and a tough windy day today.  Both "Iron Marlin" and "Van Herring" headed across to the Gulf Island's yesterday!  Fishing was ok, but not great by Gulf Island standards.  Both boats had a shot at a handful of fish, keeping a couple nice one's each.   Iron Marlin found some nice ling cod in tight to Gabriola and released a dandy over 30 pounds!!  One of the reason's for the slower fishing this weekend could have been the pod of killer whales that have been plying the waters off Thrasher Rock for the last few evening.  Bon Chovy had a decent afternoon deep inside Vancouver Harbour yesterday with a couple nice fish! Today was slow with windy conditions making for tough fishing... Now is the time we are recommending longer days to the Gulf Islands! chad-lingVancouver Fishing Picture
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