June 28th Report! Coho Are Showing Off West Van!

Well after 5 weeks of tough fishing in Vancouver Harbour, the coho are starting to show in reasonable numbers off the West Vancouver shoreline.  The fish have been scattered from the Capilano Mouth down to Point Atkinson.   These coho are nice to see as we now have a viable fishing option on our half day charters.  Typically these coho will be along the West Vancouver shoreline from now until the fall!  July through the middle of August seems to be the best time for Capilano coho.  Right now it is realistic to hook 3 to 8  coho on a trip!   It should only get better! Blake got a late start on Bon Chovy this morning and has hooked a few decent ones already! White and glow hootchies, apexes, small spoons and anchovies will all take coho.  Coho tend to run shallower than chinook so it is a good idea to run your gear between 20 to 60 feet.  Troll a little faster than you would for chinook. The best area for chinook continues to be over on the Gulf Islands!   Howe Sound is starting to see the first of the Squamish white chinook.  There has been a few fish trickling in by the West side of Bowen Island this week. Now that we are almost into July, local opportunities will be much better! Here is a pic of some June West Vancouver coho from a couple years back! cap-coho
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