Aug 14th Update

It is mid August and we are now spending the majority of our time fishing for big Fraser bound chinook!    The waves of chinook are definately become more frequent and we have hooked some very nice fish over the last few days!  Tide changes and persistence have definately been the key to getting these nice fish in the boat! On average we have been hooking 2 to 4 for good chinook a tide!  As we progress into August numbers of chinook will likely continue to build! There is still some coho off West Vancouver, but now that there is chinook in local waters we are focusssing our efforts on them! Sockeye numbers still remain stronger than expected, but so far there is no word on an opening! Give us a call to book a chinook charter! Jason, Jeff, and Blake 604 763 5460  [caption id="attachment_1570" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="A couple nice ones landed on Sunday evening!"]A couple nice ones landed on Sunday evening![/caption]
+1 604 763 5460