Vancouver Saltwater Fishing Report, September 11th

There has definately been some big fish around over the last week! We have landed quite a few fish in the 20 to 30 pound range primarily on the flood tide! Herring and anchovy have been the only way to go as per usual in the late summer and fall! We had some solid days last week where we hooked 5 to 8 fish a trip! They were mostly big chinook, but there was a few coho and chinook jacks mixed in as well! Things have slowed down over the last few days and we have had to work for them a lot more than last week. Over our last few trips we have hooked 1 to 4 fish a tide. This should turn around very shortly for a couple reasons. The first reason is that the first bump of Capilano Chinook that came in early September were almost all females, meaning that there should be a push of males shortly after them! The second reason things should perk back up is because the Capilano Chinook fishery typically doesnt really get going till around the 15th of September. So, the best should be yet to come! Last year we had some unbelievable fishing from the 15th of Septmeber to the first week of October. Things slowed down after the first week of October but we still landed good fish well into the 3rd week of October last year! Give us a call or an email if you would like to book a Vancouver Fishing trip! We are booking the charters based on the tides, so there is not always a need to be out first thing in the morning! Tight lines Jeff and Jason 604 763 5460 Granville Island Fishing
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