Vancouver Salmon And Sturgeon Fishing Report, April 2nd

  We have had some active days over the last 10 days around Bowen Island and up towards the Sunshine coast.    We have still been focusing on dragging the bottom, but this is all about to change over the next week or two.  We are going to start to spend more and more time targeting suspended fish off the South End Of Bowen Island, the QA marker, and the outer reaches of Vancouver.  This fishery will start to develop over the next 10 days.  April and May typically offer some of the best chinook salmon fishing of the year in Vancouver.  There has already been reports of some nice fish over the last week. With the longer days and warmer temperatures, we will soon see a couple things happen in local Vancouver waters.    We will see a thick plankton bloom in the upper reaches of the water column and we will see the Fraser River come into spring freshet.  The combination of the plankton bloom and the silt from the Fraser River will create a layer of very cloudy water that filters out a lot of light where the salmon are.  If the layer of silty water is on top it is obviously  not going to let much light down below it.   This layer of dirty water means that glow lures, anchovies and flashers are very important  The salmon in the spring in Vancouver quite often sit in the clear water right below the dirty water layer.  Finding that zone is the key to success.  It is usually from 30 to 100 feet depending on the year and time of year.   Make sure your gear is visible and you will have success.   Use lures and flashers with some sort of glow and UV on them, it will make the difference in the spring.   Any glow Gibbs G Force or  Silver Horde Kingfisher spoons are good bets.  If you like to run hootchies, the Splatterback Yamashita is a real good one in the spring.  Anchovies with glow or chrome teaser heads work well if you are running bait.   When trolling off the offshore waters in the spring look for current breaks and bait and cover water.  If you hit a fish, it is a good idea to circle back around as chances are there are more fish in the area.  The fish are often found from 50 to 160 feet.  Stagger your depths at the beginning  of your day until you can develop a pattern as on certain days a particular depth may be productive. [gallery ids="2631,1012,2371"] Sturgeon fishing in  Vancouver on the Lower Fraser River picked up with the warmer temps.  The fish are getting out of their over wintering holes and are now back on a more aggressive feeding pattern.  April is an excellent month to head out to do some sturgeon fishing as the Fraser River is in pristine shape.   With Vancouver departures out of the Milltown Marina,   (  ) sturgeon fishing in Vancouver has never been so convenient. meg1 Give us a call or send us an email if you are looking to head out on the water.   April is an exciting month to be fishing month to fishing in Vancouver.  Our Gibbs Delta Pro Shop is stocked with all the right gear for our spring chinook fishery!   Stop by if your are looking for the right fishing and  some fishing tips.  Always a good idea to give us a call before you come down over the next few weeks as we are in and out of the shop.  We have hired a shop manager from late April to mid October so the shop will be open daily for all your local tackle needs! Tight lines...      604 763 5460     

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