Granville Island Fishing Charters

Well it looks like it is safe to say that our mature chinook fishery that we have enjoyed for the last 6 weeks off the Mouth of the Capilan River is over for another year.  We had all 3 of our boats out this morning and we fished the last couple hours of the flood tide and the tide change.  None of our boats had a hit.  The rain that we had had earlier in the week brought the level of the Capilano River WAY up and it encouraged the majority of the fish that were staging to enter in the river.  There may be the odd straggler, but unless we get a bump of fish and a dry spell, things are done!   Now we are going to switch gears and start getting ready for our winter chinook salmon, prawning, and crabbing season.  The first winter chinook usually show up in Howe Sound in the beginning of November and Vancouver Harbour will start to get going in early December.    We will be fishing Howe Sound tomorrow, so we will see if there are any early winter chinook up there yet.  Some years they have shown up in fishable numbers in October. For now, our Vancouver Fishing Charters will be a bit of a grind until the winter chinook salmon show up!   Tight lines Jason and Jeff     604 763 5460 [caption id="attachment_1676" align="alignnone" width="720" caption="A typical Howe Sound Winter Chinook Salmon!"]A typical Howe Sound Winter Chinook Salmon![/caption]
+1 604 763 5460