Vancouver Fishing Report, August 15th

The Fraser red chinook run has definitely entered local Vancouver waters.  Over the last week there has been consistent waves of chrome Fraser bound chinooks up to 35 pounds.  The Bell Buoy, the QA marker, Point Atkinson, and the Fraser Mouth have been where the majority of the fish are being picked up.  These fish are coming in pulses and there are definitely periods where the chinooks are few and far between.  Being persistent and working an area has paid off on virtually every charter over the last week . On average we have been hooking 2 to 7 good chinook salmon per trip.   Mixed in the with the chinook are pinks, sockeye and the odd coho.  Sockeye and wild coho must be released! We have had our success on anchovies, herring and glow hootchies.  The Gibbs UV Moon Jelly and the new Gibbs UV Lemon Lime flashers have really worked well off the Fraser River Mouth and in Vancouver Harbour.  These UV Flashers  seems to catch the silty water and really get noticed more than the standard flasher colours.  Productive depths have been between 20 and 80 feet. [gallery ids="2165,2170,2153,2166,2167,2164"] As we progress into August we will see continue waves of Fraser bound chinook and millions of Fraser bound chinook. The last couple weeks should be very active with the swarms of pink salmon that are on there way!  We will likely be spending a lot of our time in the outer reaches of Vancouver Harbour and off the mouth of the Fraser River. Sturgeon fishing has been excellent in the Lower Fraser River!  Luke has had some great trips with some big fish.   Now that there is salmon in the river it seems like the bigger fish are getting more active.  Our jet boat is only 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and is so easy to get to!                                 604 763 5460

Vancouver Sturgeon  
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