Covid 19 and Fishing Update for Vancouver and Sidney Fishing Trips

The last month has been a challenging one from an operational standpoint due to Covid 19 and Fishing Restrictions.     We are currently operating on a very cautious,selective basis with Covid Protocols in place .     The few trips that have been going out have experienced some consistent catch and release fishing for chinook salmon.    This past weekend was particularly strong for numbers of chinook in Vancouver area waters.   We are participants in the Avid Angler program and we have been able to genetically sample good numbers of 5 to 20 pound chinook.   

We are currently closed to the retention of chinook salmon, but are cautiously optimistic that we will have limited retention opportunities for hatchery chinook in portions of Howe Sound, the Gulf Island's and Sidney waters.  We have had clear indication that an announcement is coming for some regulation changes as right now they are quite restrictive. We are hoping for a positive outcomes, no guarantees, but there is certainly a chance.   We should expect to hear them next week week or the week following.   It is certainly frustrating as the decision for hatchery retention was supposed to be for April 1st.    In the meantime we are looking forward to the opening of ling cod in the Gulf Island's, warmer temperatures, longer days, dropping Covid #s and good prawning and crabbing!

If you are heading out catch and release fishing in the areas that are open, the fishing has been quite good!   No surprise as April and May offer some solid fishing in Vancouver, the Gulf Island's and Sidney.    Around Vancouver, we have been using some bigger spoons with good success.   In particular the G Force Trailhead, No Bananas, Bon Chovy, and Outfitter in the 4 inch size have been working well.   Bigger Homeland Security and Irish Cream spoons have also been good! There has been some good numbers of post spawn big herring around.   In Sidney and the Southern Gulf Islands, smaller presentations have been key.   We have had good success on Wee Gees in the Bon Chovy and No Bananas patterns as well as Irish Cream and Green Glow Coho Killer.   If you are looking to shop online for Gibbs Delta Products, use our promo code.

This season is off to a bumpy start.   We are cautiously optimistic that we will see some increased chinook retention opportunities in certain areas in coming weeks and a safer Covid environment with higher vaccination rates .   We have upgraded our fleet this winter with another 30 foot Grady added to the fleet as well as new twin 300hp engines on our original 30 foot Grady.   We are ready to start ramping things up as we get later into the spring with some bigger boats providing more increased social distancing levels.

Really hoping to have a good update in a week or two with some regulation updates!  Fingers crossed.

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