Fishing Has Picked Up! Vancouver Fishing Report, April 15th

Right on schedule, fishing really picked up locally over the weekend.  There were lots of boats out and there was good numbers of legal chinook and undersize chinook around.  There were fish in the outer reaches of Vancouver Harbour, but most of the action was off the Hump.  The hump is an area a couple miles off the south end of Bowen Island where the water depth comes up from roughly 800 feet to 400 feet.  In April and May, chinook come into this offshore area and feed on herring.   Anchovies, spoons, and hootchies all take their fair share of fish. This past weekend the fish were scattered from 70 feet all the way down to 160 feet.  The hump is a big area and covering water is very important.  If you get a fish, double back and see if  you can get another.  Pay attention to what depth you are getting your bites.  The key is too try and dial in a depth and an area where fish are holding.  The area where the fish are holding  will change daily so don't be afraid to cover ground if it is slow.   Glow lures and flashers are very important in the spring.   We did well on a bloody nose anchovy teaser head behind a Gibbs Bloody Witch flasher this weekend. The action also really picked up off Nanaimo this weekend.  We did not hear any reports from Gabriola, but there is a good chance they are there now too. Crabbing has remained super productive in Vancouver Harbour. We are dropping traps on every charter. Give us a call or stop by our office on Granville Island if you want to head out on the water.  From now until  the second or third week of May is when you want to fish locally for chinook.  After the 3rd week of May, it is all about full day trips to the Gulf Islands! Tight lines! 202-1656 Duranleau Street 604 763 5460              slash
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