Vancouver Sockeye Fishing Report, August 22nd

Sockeye salmon has now been open for almost 3 weeks and we have been swamped with charters!  It has been an interesting start to the sockeye season with some unbelievable days on the water, and the odd day where you scratch your head and ask where the heck are these millions of fish.   We have experienced some phenomenal periods of action all along the mouth of the Fraser River.   The North Arm, Iona, T 10 and Sandheads have all had their moments.  What we have noticed that these earlier fish is they are not staging off the river mouth for long, which is likely one of the reasons why they seem to vanish sometimes.  The big schools will stack up on a tide and then they are gone on the next tide.  Luckily almost every tide brings in another masisive wave of fish and slow fishing does not last very long.   The test sets in Johnstone Straits look very impressive over the last couple days, so it is likely that we are going to be in for some very good fishing in coming days and weeks.    The fish that arrive later in August and early September are more prone to staging longer off the Fraser River so we should start to see the larger schools of jumping and finning fish like we all remember from 2010. 41 When fishing for sockeye salmon it is SO important to run as many flashers as possible.  We typically run 3 dummy flashers on each downrigger in addition to our live rods.   The reason why we like to run so many flashers is that you can get schools of sockeye to follow your gear.  The better you can keep a school in your gear, the more fish you are going to catch..   We have been having really good luckk on our Guide Series Flashers and Michael Bait hootchies....  The T 10, STS, and Bon Chovy have been our go to flashers on our boats.  I did put down the No Banana's flasher over the last couple das and had some good luck on that one as well.  Our Gibbs Delta Pro Shop is open daily and  loaded with all the right gear you need for sockeye. 42 The sockeye run is still building and we will likely be fishing them into mid September!  With all the hype on the massive sockeye run, most people have forgot that August and September are productive months in Vancouver to fish for bigger chinooks.  There are chinook heading into the Fraser River daily and the odd one has been hit while fishing for sockeye.  If you are looking at fishing for chinook, it is a good idea to run anchovies, herring and glow hootchies at the Bell Buoy, T 10, and off Sandheads. Sturgeon fishing has been excellent over the last few weeks.  Luke has been almost every day and has not had a bad trip this month.  On average our sturgeon charters have been landing 6 to 10  fish an outing and there has been a healthy number of 5 to 7 foot fish in the mix.  As the Fraser River is now getting quite low, the ebb tide is also producing fish as well.    August to November are the best months to fish for bigger sturgeon on the Fraser River.  Our jet boat is only 25 minutes from Vancouver and is by far the most accessible dedicated sturgeon boat to downtown Vancouver! 44     Got some good fishing to come over the next couple months!   See you on the water!                     

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  Vancouver Sockeye Salmon Fishing 2014
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